Ducourt Consulting

When Ducourt Consulting first came to us, it was in dire need of a new website. The company had its fingers in so many different projects and industries, it was hard for anyone visiting the website to understand what Ducourt Consulting actually did. That’s when SprayCan got to work.

We quickly realized there was much more to be done than simply redesigning a website. We needed to simplify the messaging, communicate what Ducourt Consulting really stood for, and organize content in a simplified and user friendly manner. It was clear an overhaul of the brand identity was necessary to set a foundation for the website. So that’s what we did! When all was said and done, Ducourt Consulting walked away with a brand to be proud of, and a responsive website that drove new leads – and at a total cost below what competing agencies quoted for the website alone.

Ducourt Consulting website and brand identity

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