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Christian Brothers Automotive has a long and successful history throughout the bible belt with over 130 locations. So when two new franchisees opened up shop here in Denver, they asked for SprayCan’s help to get things moving quickly.

Corporate had built a phenomenal brand and a proven business model, but marketing strategies and tactics needed to be adapted for the local Denver market. What had always worked in Texas, wasn’t working in Colorado. So before SprayCan could fix it, we had to start with the basics – the marketing plan.

We spent 4 weeks conducting primary and secondary research, and carefully crafting localized marketing strategies and tactics. Once we had a solid game plan, we assessed Christian Brother’s ability to execute on those strategies and tactics using their own internal  resources. After that it was only a matter of turning the launch key.

SprayCan remains Christian Brother’s most trusted marketing consultant, helping them manage social media, direct mail, PPC & PPM campaigns, and television advertising. We continue to monitor campaign performance and make recommendations on budget reallocations. Our hard work has truly paid off for the franchisees. Both the Highlands Ranch and Centennial stores are now in the top quartile of national performance, with the Highlands Ranch location breaking company records within it’s first three months of opening. That’s the power of a solid marketing plan.

Christian Brothers Automotive Marketing Plan

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